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Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash

Spending 10s and 20s dollars on bath or shower wash isn't exactly something I enjoy doing. I'd rather spend the big bucks on something that doesn't wash off in seconds. Well, lucky for me I've gotten the opportunity to try the new Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash.

The first thing you notice when you flip open the cap is the amazing smell of Brown Sugar and Karite Butter. It smells like Vanilla with a little something extra. It reminds me of a beach vacation, the scent doesn't linger on the skin and isn't overbearingly strong so it's great for even the most sensitive of noses.

Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash does a fantastic job of exfoliating without being too rough on my skin. The texture is really rich and creamy with fine exfoliating granuals to get rid of dead skin. The look of it reminds me of caramel, with it's golden brown color. It lathers beautifully and I love that it leaves my skin feeling soft without having to slather on body lotion after my shower. It definitely does what it says it does- exfoliates and leaves your skin looking more even and moisturized!

There is also a Solid Beauty Bar available for anyone who prefers solid soaps instead of body washes. The soap is exfoliating as well as moisturizing and has the same delicious scent. I was really susprised by how much I liked the Beauty Bar, it lathers really well and doesn't dry out my skin at all!


18 oz Body Wash:
12 oz Body Wash: $3.50
Beauty Bar Pack of 2: $2.29

Want to read more reviews and opinions on the New Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash? Check them out HERE.
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Closed! Winner will be announced Shortly!

If you got a chance to read my previous post "My Top 5 Favorite Urban Decay Products" you would've seen that one of those was the Deluxe Eyeshadow in Honey. It's a gorgeous glistening golden color that is beautiful on so many skin tones and is gorgeous for almost any eye color!
Check Out Reviews of the Deluxe Shadows HERE!!

Well, I wanted to give my readers a chance to win it!

All you need to do to enter is:
1) Subscribe
2) Comment, leaving your name and e-mail address so I can contact you if you're the Winner.
Don't Forget to do BOTH! You must subscribe and leave the comment with your name and e-mail address!

This contest is open to everyone according to your state or country laws! This contest will end on August 19th at 12:00 Midnight Eastern Time. The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified on August 20 and will be announced here at A Little More Beautiful!

Thanks you for entering and Good Luck!!!

My Top 5 Favorite Urban Decay Products

Urban Decay is a well known high end line of Cosmetics. It's beloved by many for it's gorgeous high quality products, colors, product and shade names and packaging. Urban Decay is very rock and roll-a cosmetic line that is unlike any other, it is sexy, edgy and beautiful. I feel even the sweetest and girliest cosmetic user could find plenty of Urban Decay products to love. Here are my Top 5 favorite products!:

1) Deluxe Eye Shadow: Honey

Urban Decay shadows are extremely pigmented and come in some really unique and gorgeous shadows. I love them all, but I find that "Honey" is flattering on almost any skin tone and really brings out the best in all eye colors. It's one of my absolute favorite Urban Decay shadows! Want to Know More? Take a look at other Beauty Lovers' Opinions on the Shadows HERE!!

Product Description: "Our divine collection of high-tech creamy powder eye color will turn your eyes into opulent works of art. Why “Deluxe”? Definitely incomparable, the creamy formula feels like cashmere, blends beautifully, and delivers an even more intense burst of color than regular Urban Decay Eyeshadows. And, Deluxe hues have an even greater fill weight than our regular Eyeshadows - a generous serving.

Created with maximum staying power, Deluxe Eyeshadows offer incredibly long-lasting wear that won’t fade (especially when paired with our miraculous Eyeshadow Primer Potion). The result? Gorgeous, gem-like lids that are worthy of their own exhibit.

Packaged in weighted, hinged and mirrored compacts, each vibrant shadow features a unique piece of art inspired by graffiti, street art, and graphic design. Dip into these sumptuous shades and experience never-before-seen (or felt) eye shadow extravagance."

Shade Description: Glistening Gold

Price: $18.00

Available at: Ulta, Urban Decay

2) Ink for Eyes

Ink for Eyes was just introduced for the Fall of 2009 and I'm loving the new product! This is an easy to use cream eye liner that lasts all day long. When I say easy I mean it! This is probably the most mistake proof eyeliner I've personally found and would be a great one for beginners to try! The 6 shades are gorgeous and wearable too!

Product Description:"It’s everything you want in a cream eyeliner! More precise than a pencil, more forgiving than a liquid, this super-smooth formula offers more control, play time, and buildable coverage than your average liner.

Create razor-sharp lines or smoky bedroom eyes… the creamy formula and double-ended applicator make it easy. Try the angled liner brush for precise details, or use the smudger for blending and drama. With such a wide variety of intriguing shades and ways to apply, you’re only limited by your imagination. (Cheesy, but true.)

What’s our secret ingredient? Nylon 12! This high-tech polymer decreases drag for flawless application (no skips or smears), while softening and absorbing excess oil. Color glides easily and stays true all day long. And, the formula is paraben-free!

Decorated with a hand-illustrated peacock, our long, lean case (complete with mirror) is ideal for applying color with the angled liner brush. Give the brush a couple of long strokes in each direction to fill with color, then apply."

Price: $22

Avaliable at: Ulta, Urban Decay

3) Urban Decay Lipstick

I am what you would call Lipstick obsessed. I have such a huge collection of lipstick and I use practically a different one every single day! (Sometimes a couple different ones a day, even) Well, I have about 4 brands of lipstick that I am completely nuts about and Urban Decay is one of them! They have some *truly* unique shades to choose from (25 in total) with a variety of textures and finishes. The adorably cool packaging doesn't hurt either!

Product Description: "Leaving no shade unturned, our huge assortment of colors and textures tempt you to stray from an otherwise predicable palette. The luxuriously creamy formula nourishes and protects lips with Vitamins A, C, and E. Hyaluronic Spheres (found naturally in the body) are added to stimulate cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill-in lines and wrinkles—now, how many Lipsticks can do that?! The teardrop-shape bullet (etched with an Urban Decay logo) is infused with a decadent crème caramel scent and flavor. Yum.

Not your standard Lipstick case, we added more glamour and an Urban twist: Urban Decay Lipstick tubes, made from weighty, purple metal, are pierced with a mini gunmetal dagger. The clear cap is decorated inside and out with two-toned purple flourishes. The effect is multidimensional, and incredibly luxe. Ooh la la."

Price: $22

Avaliable at: Ulta, Urban Decay

4) Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay Primer Potion is amazing. It's insanely popular and for good reason-use it and your shadows will last all day without fading/creasing/smudging. It's easily one of the best-if not the best- Eyeshadow primers I have ever used. In my opinion, this is an absolute must for anyone who wears eye makeup!! Take a peak at some reviews of UD Primer Potion HERE!!

Product Description:
This miracle eyeshadow primer is unmatched by any other in the beauty industry! The genie in this bottle fulfills three wishes: eyeshadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. Apply Primer Potion to lids before shadow application. It dries down almost instantly (and invisibly), creating smooth lids that are super powered eyeshadow magnets.

The formula is full of silicone, which you beauty mavens know makes for a smooth and silky application. Packaged in a pretty genie bottle, our Potion applies with a magic wand and flocked applicator.

Price: $17

Avaliable at: Ulta, Urban Decay

5) 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Okay, there are few eye liner pencils that can compare to Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Liner pencils. They go on incredibly smooth, last all day and are waterproof. That's just a few of the great parts...what I love is the *amazing* shades the pencils come in! 19 in Total! Forget your standard Black and Brown, check out the amazing Purples, Blues, Golds, Silvers and greens! But when you want black, Urban Decay has the blackest black called "Zero"! These are the perfect pencils to line your waterlines with! Check out some of the fantastic reviews of these liners HERE!!

Product Description: "The best Eye Pencil ever, ever, ever! Never before has a pencil this creamy and brilliant been waterproof, too. Velvety-soft, this never-before-seen formula stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries down to a long-lasting finish that WILL NOT budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect with the wide selection of lush tropical hues, deep metallics and unusually vibrant neutrals. Incredible with Urban Decay Eyeshadows!

Created with 50% moisturizing ingredients suspended in a sophisticated waterproof formula, 24/7 Eye Pencils offer long-lasting color and a dreamy, creamy feel when applied. With Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil, these pencils condition skin and stay with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!"

Price: $16

Avaliable at: Ulta, Urban Decay

Are you a lover of Urban Decay? What are YOUR favorite products? What are your favorite shades? If you've never tried Urban Decay, what product would you most like to try? Let me know by commenting in the comments section!!
Friday, July 24, 2009

Halston Woman Fragrance

Launches: August 2009

Halston Woman is a new fragrance brought to you by beloved American fashion line "Halston" and Elizabeth Arden. This is more of a "Re-introduction" though, as it is a more modern interpretation of the signature Halston fragrance. The scent itself is chic and glamorous, perfect for a sophisticated modern woman.

I personally loved this fragrance- it's feminine, strong (Not in an over-bearing way by any means)and classic without seeming old or stale in any sense. It's an amazing blend of florals, woods, citrus and amber which is truly unlike any perfume I've ever tested or worn before. Even my brother complimented it and he positively despises perfume of almost any kind! Halston Woman lasted throughout my busy schedule and about 8 out of 10 people I came in contact with throughout the day commented on how pretty I smelled. It's pretty hard to beat that, don't you think?

Here's a little more info about the fragrance:

"HALSTON WOMAN was designed for the woman who radiates elegance. A luxurious floriental woody fragrance, it is a masterful blend of citrus, florals, woods and ambers that gradually unveils its sensual nature."

Top Note – Freshness & Radiance
Luminous accents of Sicilian Bergamot, Marigold and Blackcurrant announce the blooming floral heart.

Heart - Confidence & Femininity
A modern bouquet of precious Roses, Orris and Jasmine Petals. The floralcy blooms with a rich blend of Rose Absolute and Rose Essence in a timeless expression of femininity.

Dry Down - Depth & Elegance
The sensuality of the signature lies in the unique richness of the Patchouli Heart from Laboratoire Monique Remy located in Grasse, France. A complex of precious Sandalwood and deep Ambers enhances the trail of the fragrance.

3.4 Fl Oz / 100 mL Eau de Parfum Spray: $ 100.00
1.7 Fl Oz / 50 mL Eau de Toilette Spray: $ 70.00
1.0 Fl Oz / 30 mL Eau de Toilette Spray: $ 50.00

Available at: Neiman Marcus starting in August/09!
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Illamasqua at Sephora

The Illamasqua Cosmetic line is now available at Sephora-if you haven't heard of it, it's a high end line of cosmetics that ranges from pure pigments to foundation and everything in between. I especially love Illamasqua's cake eye liner! Here's a little more about Illamasqua and some of the product line:-)

Description: "Known for their intense colors and dramatic makeup, Illamasqua is your go-to brand for nighttime makeup—whether it's an evening out at the opera or the dance club. Conceived amidst the dark drama of Berlin in the 20s, Illamasqua was developed by professional makeup artists and launched in 2008 in the U.K. Embraced by celebs and alternative cultures alike, their colors allow you to express your most daring, boldest, and most intense sides with professional nighttime makeup that's richly pigmented and long lasting. Are you ready to release your night-vixen alter ego?"

Some Products:


A Color Intense lipstick that comes in just about every shade you could imagine! So many stunning options!
Description: Let your lips speak volumes with this color-intense lipstick. Indulge in this highly pigmented formula that's available in a choice of flawless finishes from matte to glossy. Illamasqua Lipstick glides on smoothly for the perfect pout that stays put all night.
Price: $20

Pure Pigments

A pure-pigment powder that highlights cheeks, eyes, and brows. There are some really pretty shades and pigments are really vibrant and multi-functional!
Description: These metallic, high-shine, pure-color powders are made to be played with. Mix with eyeshadow, blusher, or use it on its own to highlight eyes, cheeks, and brows. Bring out your bold side with a swipe of Pure Pigment.
Price: $24


A powder eyeshadow that comes in a wide variety of shades, something for everyone!
Description: Bring a room to its knees without saying a word. Each of these glorious shades makes a statement with their rich pigments and smooth texture that are sure to make your peepers pop.
Price: $20

Cream Blush

A Cream Blusher that comes in 5 really pretty shades (my personal favorite shade is "Lies").
Description: Highlight your cheekbones, shape your face, and build and blend with fingers or a brush to create the color intensity you desire. Use over foundation for impact or under for a captivating glow. However you apply it, be daring.
Price: $23

These are just a few of the products available in this line. You can check out more Illamasqua at Sephora. They have some really pretty and flirty false eye lashes. This line is a little pricey but the products are beautiful quality. Have fun checking out and browsing the product line!
Monday, July 20, 2009

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection

Release Date:
20 Aug 09 for US and Canada

Lipsticks: $14.00
Full Body- Deep red plum (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
Hold the Pose- Brown plum with gold pearl (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
Front Lit- Light white yellow (Frost) (Limited Edition)
Lovin It- Cool neutral with yellow undertone (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
High Strung- A deep pink silver (Frost) (Permanent)

Lipglass: $14.00
On Display- Purple with yellow pearl (Limited Edition)
New Spirit- Light yellow coral (Limited Edition)
Personal Taste- Mid-tone rose with pink gold pearl (Limited Edition)
Young Thing- Yellow neutral with gold pearl (Limited Edition)

Quads: $36.00 (Limited Edition)

Photo Realism
Photorealism- Gold shimmer with gold pearl (Frost)
Fresh Approach- Cool mint green (Veluxe Pearl)
Image Maker- Mid-tone grey green (Frost)
Grey Range- Deep blue green (Veluxe Pearl)

In the Gallery
Lightfall- Pale pink (Satin)
Look at the Eyes- Light violet
In the Gallery- Mid-tone blue pink (Matte)
Private viewing- Deep brown plum (Matte)

Skintone 1- Light white pink (Lustre)
Skintone 2- Mid tone gold (Frost)
Noteriety- Mid tone brown with gold pearl (Velvet)
Rich & Earthy- Rich coral bronze (Veluxe Pearl)

Mascara: $12.00
Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack- True black (Permanent)

Powder Blush: $18.00
The Perfect Cheek- Mid-tone pale pink (Matte, Limited Edition)
Notable- mid-tone brick brown red (Satin, Limited Edition)

Eye Shadows: $14.50
Crest the Wave - Rich yellow(Frost finish, Limited Edition- Repromote from Naughty Nautical's Stowaway quad)
Off the Page- Mid-tone mustard orange (Frost finish, Limited Edition)
Haunting - Light turquoise blue (Satin finish, Limited Edition- Repromote from MAC for Alexander McQueen)
Violet Trance - Deep blue purple (Matte finish, Limited Edition- Repromote for Balloonacy's Pandamonium quad)
Purple Shower - Mid-tone magenta with silver pearl (Satin finish, Limited Edition- Repromote from Turquatic)
Maira's Magic - Yellow pink (Satin finish, Limited Edition)

Technakohl Liners: $14.50
Full of Fuschia- Deep blue magenta (Limited Edition)
Artistic License- Bright turquoise blue (Limited Edition)
Obviously Orange- Mid-tone coral (Limited Edition)
Colour Matters- Bright lime (Limited Edition)
Graphblack- Rich graphic black (Permanent)

Pigments: $19.50
Brash & Bold - Bright magenta (Limited Edition)
Push the Edge - Deep bright purple with pearl (Limited Edition)
Cocomotion - Dirty gold with olive undertone and gold sparkle (Limited Edition, Repromote from Rushmetal)
Heritage Rouge - Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl (Permanent, Pro- Also a repromote from Overrich)

Glitters: $19.50
Fuschia- Sparkling fuschia (Permanent, Pro)
Gold- Sparkling chunky gold (Permanent, Pro)
Reflects Rust- Sparkling warm red (Permanent, Pro)
Reflects Copper- Sparkling saffron (Permanent, Pro)

Gloss Texture: (Price to be announced)
Clear- (Permanent, Pro)

Thanks to Temptalia for these great photos!!

Product Photos:

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Great Deals on Designer items: Big Sales!!

-Designer Brands
-Private Sale Pricing
-Members Only
...and You're Invited!!

Get some fantastic deals by signing up at the invitation only Rue La La! Visit Rue La La by By Clicking Here and signing up today! You get access to designer boutiques and designer items that are seriously reduced in price!! Each boutique is open for a limited time and things sell out fast!!

Everything from Handbags, jewelry, footwear, clothing, sunglasses, diaper bags-pretty much anything you could think of from designers like : Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Theory, Cavalli, Vera Wang, Miu Miu, alive + olivia, Badgley Mischka, and a ton more!! Head on over and Start Shopping!!

Classic Jewelry

What do you think of when you hear the worlds "classic" and "timeless" in regards to jewelry? These words are generally used in reference to diamonds and pearls. These two types of jewelry have literally never gone out of style. They are eternally fashionable and if well taken care of, they last a lifetime. If thinking about purchasing one of these forever classic pieces, you can expect to be spending a larger amount of money but remember! You're not buying something trendy or low quality- you're buying something you will be wearing for years and years to come!

Here are some great Classic Diamond and Pearl pieces:

1. Mikimoto Pearls

"Chinese legend says the moon creates pearls, instilling them with its power and celestial glow and mystery. An eternal symbol of love ranging from Roman brooches, to the Mikimoto pearl necklace Joe DiMaggio bought for Marilyn Monroe during their honeymoon. A lasting gift of love to span generations, the La Peregrina Pearl was discovered off the coast of Panama in the early 1500s. It was taken to Spain, where King Philip II gave it as a wedding gift to his bride Mary Tudor. The pearl passed through the hands of nobility in France and England until it was sold at auction in 1969 to Richard Burton who gave it as a Valentine's Day gift to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, who still owns it."
More about this piece: White Akoya cultured pearls.
Versatile 16 inch "Choker" length strand fits close at the neckline.
These beautiful white pearls are A1 Quality and range in size from 6.5 x 6mm.

Price: $1,610
Available at: JR Dunn Jewelers

2. Mikimoto Pearls

Looking for something a little edgier than your classic white pearls? These beautiful natural black pearls are classic, sexy and edgy!
More About this piece: 16'' Tahitian Cultured Pearl Necklace, 10.5x8mm.
Produced by black lipped oysters, these naturally black pearls come from Tahiti and Okinawa. Their color combines blue, green and grey tones. It may take a dozen harvest years to collect enough black pearls that match in size, shape and color to create one necklace.
Price: $8,250
Available at: JR Dunn Jewelers


Classic Diamond studs are so wearable and gorgeous! They go with any outfit: casual or formal!
More about this Piece: 18K White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings 1/2ct.
These gorgeous earrings feature a perfectly matched pair of high-quality, round diamonds fixed securely in 18k white gold four-prong settings, with screw-back posts for maximum comfort. Each diamond weighs 1/4 of a carat, for a total carat weight of 1/2 carat.
Price: $600
Available at: Mondera

4. Zales

The Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an all time jewelry classic! It's beautiful, delicate and exceptionally feminine!
More about this Piece: 1-1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver
Illuminate her wrist with the lavish look of this gleaming 1-1/2 ct. t.w. diamond sterling silver tennis bracelet. A row of round miracle diamond accents radiate optimal shimmer. Uniquely designed, each miracle diamond is set to appear extra large and more brilliant, creating twice the sparkle. Held together with a claw clasp, this 7.0-inch bracelet is a chic mix of glamour and elegance. This item is only available online.
Price: $949
Available at: Zales

These are just some of the many classic choices to chose from. Going classic is always a great investment. Just be sure you don't feel rushed into making a decision though, always make sure you look around for the most perfect piece for you!!

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What to Do and not to Do when Waxing at Home!
The Dos and Don'ts of At-Home Waxing

You must read this hair removal guide before attempting to wax yourself

Once you overlook the temporary pain, at-home waxing is mighty tempting. But before you try that waxing kit you bought, read these essential tips so you wind up with smooth, hair-free skin -- not ingrowns and frustration.

See tips

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beautiful Fragrances and Gorgeous Packaging

Pictured above:"my place or yours Gina".

These 1.00 fl oz bottles of fragrances are not only visually appealing but the scents are unique and made with some of the most beautiful notes. These are absolutely on my shopping list. Not only will they decorate your body with a beautiful scent, but they'll decorate your vanity with their beautiful packaging and bottles. Now I know the old saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover" is a good rule to live by, but these little beauties are just as gorgeous inside as they are on the outside! There are three different fragrances for $36.00 each.

Product Info:

1) My Place or Yours Gina
Woody oriental - an alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry & patchouli. A seductively provocative scent with a "flaunt it if you've got it" attitude

Product details-
top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, tangerine
middle notes: peony, wild raspberry, white lily
bottom notes: patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla bean
30.00 ml / 1.00 US fl oz

2) Something About Sofia

Oriental floral- a dream of oriental blossoms, mango & vanilla. An intriguing & mysterious scent with a free spirit.

Product details-
top notes: mango, freesia
middle notes: sheer lily, jasmine sambac, peony petal
bottom notes: musk, white caramel, vanilla bean
30.00 ml / 1.00 US fl oz

3)Laugh with Me LeeLee

Woody floral - a light blend of citrus, jasmine & lily blossoms. A naturally light scent with a classic feminine style.

Product details-
top notes: cassis, melon, citrus
middle notes: black violet, lily, jasmine
bottom notes: blonde wood, amber, santal
30.00 ml / 1.00 US fl oz

Check out these awesome products and more from Benefit Cosmetics HERE. Stay tuned for some exciting new stuff coming up here at A Little More Beautiful!!! Also, be sure to sign up for the mailing list and subscribe to ALMB to keep updated on what's coming up!
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Gorgeous Casual Summer Updos!!!
Best Casual Updos for Summer

Flip flops, sundresses, self-tanner and these celebrity-inspired hairstyles -- gotta love the warm season

Summer is the perfect time to rock a sexy casual updo. It feels great to get hair up off the neck, and a casual updo says "confident" more than any other. Here are several celebrity-inspired looks to try.

See hairstyles

MAC Look in a Box Collection

This is an anniversary collection that will only be available at The Bay, Nordstrom and
Launch date: July 17th

Look Box: (Limited Edition) $59.50
A black carton featuring a photo of a model wearing the look (these are north america only). These will also include a face chart and a step-by-step how-to facechart.

Sun Siren Look Box

Bronze Bronzer - Bare shouldered bronze
Shroom Eye Shadow - Soft muted golden beige with opalescent shimmer
Amber Lights Eye Shadow - Golden peachy-brown with golden shimmer
Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass - Warm yellow brown
Mini Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack- Pure black
#181SE Mini Kabuki Brush - Compact-sized buffer brush with a dome-shaped, natural bristle head. Feels luxuriously soft on the skin. Deposits blush, flawlessly blends to provide a soft, even distribution of colour. Ideal for all powder products. The perfect size for your everyday makeup kit.

Seductress Look Box

Belightful Iridescent Powder - Gilded peach bronze
Naked Lunch Eye Shadow - Minimal pink with shimmer
Knight Divine Eye Shadow - Carbon black with silver/blue reflects
Bare Slimshine - Light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl
Mini Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack - Pure black
#181SE Mini Kabuki Brush - Compact-sized buffer brush with a dome-shaped, natural bristle head. Feels luxuriously soft on the skin. Deposits blush, flawlessly blends to provide a soft, even distribution of colour. Ideal for all powder products. The perfect size for your everyday makeup kit.

Sweet Tease Look Box

Shell Pearl Beauty Powder- Fresh mid-tone peach with gold pearl
Gleam Eye Shadow- Barely pinked gold
Mulch Eye Shadow- Intense golden reddish brown flecked with golden bronze shimmer
Love Nectar Lustreglass- Ultra-soft apricot with pearl
Mini Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack- Pure black
#181SE Mini Kabuki Brush- Compact-sized buffer brush with a dome-shaped, natural bristle head. Feels luxuriously soft on the skin. Deposits blush, flawlessly blends to provide a soft, even distribution of colour. Ideal for all powder products. The perfect size for your everyday makeup kit.

Product Images:

Sweet Tease-


Sun Siren-

Thank you to Specktra for the info and photos about this collection!!!